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About Us


MBA Admissions Help provides advice to international candidates pursuing an MBA in USA. 
Our consultants are successful professionals, former international students who graduated from top USA MBA Programs and are committed to help you through the admissions process.

While there are many firms that provide similar services, what makes us stand out is our focus on working with international students

Admissions Committees at top Business Schools have well defined targets when recruiting international students. You will not compete for admission against domestic students. You will compete with other international candidates for the seats reserved for international students. Your application needs to prove that you are a good fit for the program and help you stand out among other international applicants. 

Our consultants will analyze your background, help you brand yourself as a strong international candidate, guide your school selection based on your academics and financial constraints and lead you through the MBA admission process.
We have extensive experience advising international students, so if you are an international candidate thinking about pursuing an MBA degree in USA we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation. Please call or email us or if you are already in USA you can stop by our New York office and talk with one of our consultants (please call in advance to make an appointment)
Phone : 

646 512 1479

There are two key areas on which we will focus our efforts:

1. Answering your questions

Pursuing an MBA degree particularly an MBA in USA is a major and expensive adventure in ones life. You will spend two years of your life and more than 120,000 dollars. As an international candidates when selecting your school you will ask a completely different set of questions compared with domestic candidates. You might be less interested in learning details about the local football or baseball team or about schools fraternities. You will however try to understand what is the return on the investment on tuition. 

Your consultant will answer these questions right at the beginning so you can better plan your applications for the current year.

2. Helping you customize your application

The selection of international candidates is a complex process and the decision is always made based on your likelihood to succeed in your post MBA career and become a valuable asset of the Alumni community. A high GMAT score and a good GPA will help you in the admission process but WILL NOT guarantee you admission in a top MBA program. The Admissions Committee wants to know how you are going to interact with professors and classmates (at many schools more than 40% of assignments need to be completed in teams). They will also like to hear your articulated career aspirations and understand if the school can help you achieve them; they will also evaluate your potential to succeed securing a job in the current job market - the % of students that have a job at graduation or within 6 months from graduation impacts the School's ranking.

Our consultants are all former international MBA students that have been in your shoes. We have the experience required to provide advice on how you should customize your story based on the specifics of the schools you are applying to and Admissions Committees' expectations.

The time for action is NOW (2013)

The US economy is recovering fast. The financial sector is healthy again, the interest rates are low and all major corporations are hiring again. In this favorable economic environment the number of domestic applicants is decreasing and schools are focusing more on the international applicants. Some schools are lowering tuition rates others are increasing the number of scholarships boosting financial aid as they try to attract international candidates. 

The economic climate now in 2013 is more than favorable for international candidates pursuing an MBA degree in USA, so if you are seriously thinking about applying for an MBA program in USA the right moment is NOW.

Assuming you apply in 2013, our advice is for you to apply in the early rounds, as slots for international candidates fill in early and Admissions Committees know that if you are accepted you need time to arrange your visa before you travelling to USA. Consider having the application submitted by end of 2013 (January 2014 rounds at the latest).

If you get accepted in 2014, you will start attending classes in the fall of 2014 and graduate (for a 2 year MBA) in the Spring / Summer of 2016. 

A strong MBA program and diligent preparation during for the job interviewing process will help you secure a job - for the Summer internship (summer of 2015) and full time post graduation. Some companies sponsor working visas (H1B visas) for MBA graduates offering you an opportunity to start your post MBA career in USA.

We will help you plan your application and understand the implications of attending one program versus another, how your profile fits with each program and identify the elements you should highlight in your application and interview to gain acceptance in an USA MBA Program.

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